So, you want to adopt, huh? 

Pet Matchmakers, Family completers, HOWEVER you want to look at should review our ADOPTION REQUIREMENts.

Yep, I said Pet Matchmakers...Sounds silly, right? Dogs are family according to Epic Animal Rescue. We are all about having a barking good time with our friends, family and pets, we also we take our job seriously when it comes to dog adoptions. Our fosters take these animals into their homes...feed them, train them, and often love them. They spend a considerable amount of time with they know them best. Please remember that we are looking out for the animals best interest. It's not us, it's them. Don't take it personal if we sniff you out and say a dog isn't a good match. Kick some dirt on that and move on. 

We have a few guidelines for all adopters and we ask that you keep these in mind when you review the available animals. 

 All animals are adopted to an adult over the age of 21 only. A Home visit is required for all adoptions, all family members must be present for home visit. Proof of identity will be required. If you have a current vet, we will need their full contact information including vet phone number to verify your pet is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm prevention and neutered. Puppies are not adopted out of the DFW area. Ever.

For renters, we will need proof that Fido is added to the lease and that the property is dog friendly to the species and size of the dog you wish to adopt. I mean, it's now Fido's house too, ya know? 

All applications are subject to the agreements of the ADOPTION CONTRACT. An applicant can be denied for any reason, even if that reason is not given for application denial.'s not you...its them. 

Adoption Fees:

Puppies up to one year of age: $250 includes Deworming, Three rounds of Vaccinations, Spay or Neuter and Microchip.

Adults - One year -Five years: $200 includes Deworming, Heart worm testing and treatment if needed, Vaccinations, Spay or Neuter and Microchip.

Seniors 6+ Years: $150 includes Deworming, Heart worm testing and treatment if needed, Vaccinations, Spay or Neuter and Microchip. 

Adoption Application (please complete all sections)

Name *
Phone *
Address *
Do you own the home you are living in? *
Are all adults in the home aware you wish to adopt a pet? *
Is anyone in the home allergic to Animals? *
Where will you dog be kept during the day when you are away? *
Where will your dog sleep at night? *
Please confirm all vetting your animal is current on:
What Behaviors can you handle with a new pet?

Yahoo!  You did it!  A representative from EAR will be in touch with you via phone or email (be sure to check your spam) within the next 48 hours. Please be sure to review the Epic Animal Rescue Adoption Contract ASAP! We want to be sure we are all barking up the same tree. We can't wait to meet you!