Fostering 101

It all started when...

That's how your conversation will begin when people say 'I could never foster, I couldn't let them go'. Yes...yes you can. Then you tell them how you do it.  

Fostering is easy, hard, and rewarding...all at the same time. You give up a corner of your house to a homeless pet and in return your heart gets larger. True story. 

Epic Animal Rescue will pay for all vetting, provide a crate, food and help you market your foster on social media and adoption websites. You provide the indoor accommodations and all the snuggles you can spare. Trips to the vet will happen, along with trips to adoption events. Trips to meeting like minded animal lovers who help you along the way. Bring it in for a group hug! 

We ask that your current pets are all up to date on vaccinations, heartworm prevention and neutered. Complete the application and a foster coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss the details and ask if you want to give it a whirl. Say YES! 


”I am the bridge, between what was and what can be. I am the pathway to a new life.”